How to make your posts more viral using AI ?

February 19, 2024

Having a good reach and maintaining it over the long term is not easy on social media. This requires the adoption of certain tips and discipline. So if you are a content creator and you are no longer able to achieve your objectives, this article will help you increase the impact of your content. Find out about good habits to adopt and how artificial intelligence can help you apply them.

Integrate good images into your publications

When you post on social media, you have less coverage if you don't include images. The algorithms of Facebook and other networks indeed highlight publications with images.

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Integrating quality images into your publications is therefore a necessity to get the attention of your audience. Even if you don't have the graphic skills needed to create attractive visuals, you no longer have excuses thanks to artificial intelligence.

With tools like MyImageGPT, you can generate relevant and impactful images for your publications from a simple prompt. To find out how this tool works, you can find more informations here. Head over to the platform to try it.

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Write good quality and relevant content depending on the context

To have a good organic reach on networks, you must also get into the habit of publishing continuously. So you need to be inspired enough to create good quality content.

If you don't have the time or skills for this, you can again use artificial intelligence. Automatic text generation tools like chatGPT can help you write your articles. From researching titles to the actual writing and choosing hashtags, this tool can be a powerful ally.

Note that it can also help you adapt your texts to make them more relevant depending on the type of network and the context of publication. Thanks to it, you will be able to have content at all times and for all circumstances. Adopt it to multiply your publication volume.

Adopt a bot to interact with your audience

On social media, the reach of your posts can also increase when you interact with your audience. So don’t just make posts. When there are comments under your posts, take the time to respond and leave a reaction. Once someone comments and you respond, they will be more inclined to do so next time. Otherwise, he won't bother anymore.

If your page has thousands of followers and you have thousands of comments, however, you may find it difficult to respond to everyone. The solution in these cases is to adopt a bot powered by artificial intelligence. The latter will be able to interact with your audience.

If you have a sales page, it can even guide subscribers through their journey on your platforms. He will also be able to respond to messages and send notifications. So don’t hesitate to consider this option.