How to find ideas to liven up your blog?

February 19, 2024

Finding topics to write about is one of the most complicated tasks in running a blog. Many bloggers, especially the most novice, therefore struggle to find their subject on a daily basis. If you also struggle to generate ideas on a regular basis, this article will help you achieve that. Discover practical solutions to no longer run out of ideas.

Using ChatGPT

You have certainly heard of artificial intelligence. This technological advancement has revolutionized many sectors, including blogging. With the ChatGPT text writing tool, millions of bloggers and writers around the world write interesting content all the time.

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You can therefore also use it to write your content, but above all to find ideas for titles for your articles. Since the launch of this tool, many chatbots like have been created to make it easier for content creators like you. If you lack inspiration, go to this platform and let the bot suggest ideas to you.

Using Google Suggest to discover search trends

The search engine's Google Suggest tool can also help you find good titles for your blog. More than any other tool, this one gives you an overview of the topics most searched for by Internet users.

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To do this, go to the Google search bar and simply type a word or phrase, such as the theme of your blog for example. You will then see a list of automatic suggestions based on the most popular queries related to your topic. At the bottom of the page, you also have a list of related searches.

Using this information, you can then formulate catchy titles with high added value for your audience.

Ask your readers about the issues that concern them

What if the solution to knowing what to write about is to simply ask your audience? Several bloggers use this technique to avoid running out of ideas. So ask your readers about the issues that concern them.

When they leave you comments, you will have a goldmine from which to draw relevant content ideas tailored to their needs. Therefore, create a feedback form on your website to encourage visitors to share their concerns and interests.

By making them so engaging, you make your blog more lively. So you win on many counts.

Take inspiration from the competition

If you lack ideas, it is also possible to take inspiration from what the competition is doing. This is not prohibited, if you do not copy exactly.

Look at your most successful competitors. Observe the topics they cover, the angles they explore, and the content formats they use. If it works for them, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work for you.

As indicated above, taking inspiration from a competitor does not mean copying it. So look for a way to differentiate yourself from them, by providing unique value to your audience.